Yes, You Can Read the Bible

I began my ten year book project From Jesus to Heaven with Love: A Parable Pilgrimage with this thesis question: What Keeps People Intimidated by Bible Text? which brought up more questions–

How Can I Motivate Readers to Read and Understand the Pure and Timely Words of Jesus?

What Version of the New Testament Could Help Me Do That?

What Format Could Make My Book a Thinking and Doing Journey?

How Could I Allow Each Reader to Become a Co-Author of My Book to Get Jesus’s Messages in 33 Parables That Reach Them Where They Struggle Right Now?

How Could I Present Pure Jesus Simply in a Conversation with Only Need-to-Know Information, Like Jesus Did?

How Could I rein in My Own Judgments and Opinions So Readers Could Form Their Own Conclusions?

It took me ten years of solid research and writing it five times. Why? Because the book is about Jesus and Jesus is important to our world. And, because I was driven by a goal to bring hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world into a safe and comforting relationship with Jesus.

Want more information? Please visit the publisher’s website: and you will see my book cover. Click on it to see the additional information. The book costs $6.50. Want more information? Please visit the author’s website:


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