Why Partner with Barbara Garro, the Writing Whisperer?

who makes what you want to write our focused mission?

  • Your skeleton of an idea can become a fully dressed poem, article, book, memoire, letter, training manual for employees, instruction manual for products for buyers
  • Through a focused questioning process, we create an outline of your idea
  • The outline you are satisfied with then becomes your finished writing with your name as author

Why this process works? Barbara has been writing clear copy for nearly 50 years as a small business syndicated columnist authoring hundreds of articles, seven books, including four volumes in her Jesus Series, over 1,000 poems, including a chapbook and a full-length poetry book “Love Bites,” first volume of The Barbara Garro Poetry Series.

The Author Whisperer process honors inner writers writing for business use, other non-fiction, fiction, as well as writing that shares with others important things you want others to know you know.

The best part comes from learning thoughts, ideas and concepts that may be hidden within you that the Author Whisperer process enables us to bring forth on your authored pages. What fun to discover you!