Why Garro Paints God

Long ago, painters painted religious images to live somewhere in a particular light, setting and atmosphere. Today, I create to seek and find a heart to love each painting. Sometimes the loving heart is my own. My paintings feel like they are my children and I care about the homes they go to live in. Every once in a while, an image and I bond so tightly, I must keep it. Like Matisse, I believe I keep my best paintings for myself.

If you visit: http://www.BarbaraGarro.com at any given time, you can see my latest works and recognize that my calls to paint images are eclectic. That’s why discovering that nothing satisfies me more completely than creating religious art, gets my attention. The Blessed Mother and Child in wood grain, The Holy Trinity in facets of gemstones and a smooth stone for Jesus, God-man, Mary, Jesus and The Holy Trinity in stained glass.

When I painted Facets of the Great Mystery day by day over a few months, I spent each day with the Holy Trinity. What a beautiful experience to wake up to the Holy Trinity, close my eyes at night to the Holy Trinity, knowing that in the morning we will work toward completion, knowing that one day, I will sign it.

Could my religious art religious be faith made visible? Could it be more than that? Can I keep holding on to my union with the Holy Trinity, no separation, Father, Jesus, Spirit? I wonder. Since I am now editing my fourth rewrite of my book on the parables of Jesus, I find I am still in that place. God provides.

When I am most still, I can sometimes hear the choirs of angels sing their adoration. Does it happen often? No, but when it does, it is the most amazing experience and no earthly experience can touch it. Of course, I long for another. In His time, God provides.

Even when my paintings are not religious, prayer points to colors and my soul paints the spirit of each image and the soul of the whole.

Can you see all this when you look at the paintings? I would love to hear your thoughts.


Barbara Garro, MA, NY’s Painter of Flowers
Abstract Synchronism Artist
and Author of “Grow Yourself a Life You’ll Love,”

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