Walls that Welcome You With Special Smiles

Sir John Gilbert said, “a room with pictures and a room without pictures differ nearly as much as a room with windows and a room without windows; for pictures are loopholes of escape to the soul, leading it to other scenes and spheres, where the fancy for the moment may revel, refreshed and delighted.  Pictures are consolers of loneliness, and a relief to the jaded mind and windows to the imprisoned thought; they are books, histories and sermons–which we can read without the trouble of turning over the leaves.”
When you have a home with well-staged walls, you are welcomed into each room with a special essence of sensual delight that differs from room to room. You know this wonder when you have entered such a home for the first time, where you almost wish all the other people would go away so you could enjoy the wonders to come all by yourself.
Is your home, apartment, working space, boat, getaway, lodge
and/or plane like that? 
If it is, you also know that every time you enter each room, you are at a particular place that colors your response to the messages you receive from your poetic wall images.  That’s the secret to the popularity of the
classic paintings.  Each person sees each painting differently each
time they look, like a story with thousands of beginnings and endings.  You deserve to be so beautifully entertained.  And, this daily experience is within your reach. 

Have you ever entered a home that had no pictures on its
walls?  Anything is possible, however, I can tell you that in 60 years I never have.  In fact, my godfather, Sam Garro, has the same huge painting over his couch that they have had ever since I can remember.  It is a peaceful summer scene with everything in full flower showing a young lad fishing.  The last time I visited Uncle Sam, who is in his late 70s, I asked him why he liked that painting enough to keep it for so many years.  He said, “just look at it.  You can see every single leaf on the tree, every blade of grass.  Look at the colors. You can just
step inside it and be there in that sunshine.  I look at it every time I come into the room.  And, I enjoy it just as much as when we bought
it.  And, I can tell you, we didn’t have much money when we were first married, and it was a hard decision. But, I couldn’t pass it up, couldn’t let it go. And, I never regretted buying it.  I’ve had it for over 50 years and it looks just a good as the day I bought it.  We still get compliments on it.”
Some people, like my Uncle Sam, just know what will work for them instinctively.  Perhaps you, too, are like that.  If you are not, you have
the option of considering hiring help. 
People ask often, “what exactly do you do as a Staging Art Coach?  Are you like an interior decorator or designer?” Interior decorators and
designers do rooms in their entirety, while I concentrate strictly on the walls and the art that lives in each room. While interior decorators and designers are as diverse, I suspect, as artists, I believe that they bring much more of their tastes, sensibilities, and personalities to their projects.  The famous ones purposely leave their signatures on every project.  I focus on bringing out the taste, sensibilities and personalities of my clients to leave the individual client/s’ signature on every project.  The client and I work very closely together,  combining and crystallizing every step of the way so the finished project expresses their aspirations and goals.  They decide the desired ambiance for each room and, one by one, the rooms reach their artistic potential out of the personalities, tastes, and color preference of the clients who will occupy those rooms. 
When our work is finished, visitors often comment to my clients that their new looks reflect them so well.
New looks invigorate.  Creating them energizes you. Completion makes you feel so proud and accomplished.  Staging Art is something you do
for your home that enriches you a hundred times more.  Call us as soon as you are ready and we will accommodate you at the earliest mutually convenient date and time.  Remember, we are flexible and can do amazing things with the help of image technology that can considerably hold down or eliminate travel costs.  Ask us about your options.
Have a delightful Spring!

Barbara Garro, MA, NY’s Painter of Flowers
Abstract Synchronism Artist
and Author of “Grow Yourself a Life You’ll Love,”

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