The Power of Original Art

Artist/Art Advisor, Barbara Garro, says, “When you view an original painting, you get everything the artist had to give.”

Clients often ask me about the pros and cons of buying original art and copies, and I respond with a question, which art do you believe holds the artist’s energy?

Abstract Synchronism Creator Garro, believes that original art fascinates, because the artist’s body/mind/spirit energy created it. Garro invites naysayers to, “Ask anyone who has seen the original ‘Mona Lisa.’ Time and again, they will tell you, prints just can’t compare. There are all kinds of copies of Vincent vanGogh paintings nearly everywhere, yet when people go to the vanGogh Museum or visit a gallery holding a vanGogh exhibit, they, too, are amazed at the depth and difference in the portrayal of colors in the original. For example, I have probably seen 45 different versions of vanGogh’s room in Arles, France. When I finally saw the original in Canada, it was like the difference between live goldfish and a dead one–in the prints its luminosity just disappears.”

“Artists paint each image in a moment in time,” says Garro. “In that moment in time, each painting reflects where they are physically, emotionally, spiritually and emotionally. Look at prolific vanGogh or Picasso’s body of work. They are virtual biographies of each artist’s life. Happy, they painted light, bright images. Sad, they painted dark images.”

Garro feels so strongly about her clients buying original art that she compares original art and copies to praying to God and idols. “Only God can give comfort and feelings of ecstasy,” says Garro, “and grant answers to prayers and miracles.”

For non-believers, Garro invites them to compare phone sex with the real thing.

Even though Garro’s glass studio has a private entrance, she often brings visitors through her home to give them an opportunity to engage with a space filled with dozens of pieces of original art. Almost everyone comments on the wonderful energy they feel among the paintings. Sometimes clients will comment after a visit or two that they feel peaceful and soothed whenever they come into her home and work in her studio.

Visitors often ask Garro if the energy changes in a room when a piece is sold and replaced by another. “I used to say that the energy seems to mostly just adjust. Then, I replaced a painting in the Great Room with ‘Saratoga Hibiscus,’ and the roomed just seemed to pulsate with the glowing energy from that painting.” (You can see “Saratoga Hibiscus” on Garro’s website

“I grew up surrounded by original art,” says Garro. “My parents bought art whenever they could afford it. Even when they only had one painting on the wall, it was an original painting. One by one, my mother bought new art one piece at a time. Then, my Aunt Dot began to paint when she was confined to her home with lung disease. She painted ‘Blue Boy’ and ‘Pinky’ by the numbers. Then, she just followed her muse and painted her own creations without a lesson. She had a wonderful gift she discovered in her 50′s.”

Barbara Garro is your “Go-To” person for all things art-related: acquisitions, commissions, deaccessioning, re-conditioning paintings, restoring paintings to their original splendor, and creating an ambiance in your homes, business, recreational and public spaces that reflect your personal style. And, yes, we do airplanes and boats!

Barbara Garro, MA, NY’s Painter of Flowers
Abstract Synchronism Artist
and Author of “Grow Yourself a Life You’ll Love,”

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