Seasons – Haiku & More

Barbara Garro wrote her first poem at 14 and a harsh Sister Angelita critique stopped her poetry until age 40 when the grief from her mother’s sudden death poured out in a poem. The poem was published in the “Maple Shade Progress,” and Garro has gone on to receive 16 poetry awards, publication in 21 poetry anthologies and her biography was included in the 2004 “International Who’s Who in Poetry.” In 2005, Electric Envisions published Garro’s Seasons – Haiku & More, which includes Garro’s pen and ink illustrations. Garro hosts a 3-hour monthly Saturday morning critique group for advanced poets, teaches poetry for adults, and works with poets to polish their poems and create poetry chapbooks, which Garro illustrates.

What people are saying about Seasons…

“Powerful and strong, Garro’s poetry can shake you to your core. ‘Haiku and More’ serves up simplicity in form along with Chinese brush drawings to complement the thoughts.” Merlin Balducci

“Barbara Garro certainly has a gift for the haiku poetic form where she frames her pictures in words.” Sheila Poe Roberts

“Garro’s poetry is wonderfully expressive.” C.S.

“Barbara Garro is the quintessential artist. She lives her art and the result makes her a beautiful and vibrant creative talent.” M.J. King, editor of “Lies, Boasts and Feelings.”

“Wonderful verse.” M.E.M.