Grow Yourself a Life You’ll Love

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Grow Yourself A Life You'll Love

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Midwest Book Review from Oregon, Wisconsin
“Original, practical, ‘reader friendly’.
In Grow Yourself A Life You’ll Love, Barbara Garro outlines a new approach to life satisfaction … Grow Yourself A Life You’ll Love shows that when we understand why we are the way we are, we will be kinder to ourselves. When we understand others better, we will like them more and become less critical …”

How can you become more accepting and less critical of yourself and those around you? How do you unlock the subconscious door to reveal your life experiences that form your perceptions of others? What can you do to build more satisfying relationships with the love of your life, your parents, children, siblings, other relatives, friends, co-workers, and neighbors?

In Grow Yourself A Life You’ll Love, you’ll discover that the reasons you do the things you do come from seeds planted in your non-conscious or subconscious mind from the time you were very small. These seeds — or beliefs, presumptions, assumptions, and events — drive your behavior and remain hidden from your conscious awareness.

Grow Yourself a Life You’ll Love contains exercises that are designed to take you back through your life to root out outdated and invalid, belief-driven programming that causes problems for you now.

  • Discover information in your subconscious mind that can explain your behavior, fears, worries, and automatic or default responses.
  • Understand what makes you and those in your life do the things they do.
  • Get in touch with your spirit and recognize that humans are spiritual as well as physical and mental beings.
  • Gain new, exciting and useful information about the dynamics of personality, thinking styles, communications, and attitudes that make you and other act in a particular way.