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I wish for everyone love and happiness, so I write to guide readers toward satisfying relationships with themselves, others and, most of all, God.

THE JESUS BOOK SERIES- Jesus Builds Strong Spiritual Lives and the three books in this Series are ready to:

- Broaden your knowledge of Jesus’s powerful messages
- Show you ways to engage in clear conversations with God
- Strengthen your faith

Volume 1:  From Jesus to Heaven with Love: A Parable Pilgrimage focuses on Love, Healing and Salvation

Volume 2:  The Comfort of the Shepherd: Parable Prayer and Meditation focuses on communicating with God through Prayer and Meditation

Volume 3:  Living the Call of God focuses on Service: Serving God, Serving Others and Serving Self


Living the Call of God

With Volume 3 of her popular Jesus series, Barbara Garro suggests a new approach to giving glory to God through service. You love God so much, you long to do things that please Him. When you understand you can use your talents to serve your way, when and where you like, you feel more confident serving. Garro says, “God is happy to show you the way to service every day when you ask Him for guidance in your daily prayer time.” Read stories of school children through octogenarians sharing the unique ways they have discovered to use God’s gifts to serve others. These stories offer proof that believers of all ages can serve following Jesus’s life examples and teachings.

What’s Inside?

  • 33 of Jesus’s Parables
  • Serving God Commentary
  • Serving Others Commentary
  • Serving Self Commentary
  • 33 Messages from Jesus
  • Poems, Prayers and Affirmations

Reviewer Comments

  • “Once again, Barbara Garro takes us on a journey through the parables of Jesus and she does so in her own unique style. As in her previous two volumes, Ms. Garro once again gives us a personal and challenging perspective on these special teachings of Jesus. In this third volume, we are brought to reflect on God’s call to service. As always, in her simple, down to earth style, Ms. Garro challenges us to reflect on the challenge of service to God, others, and to ourselves. Through commentary and poetry this book gently leads us to look at our spiritual journey in a different way. In this work, Ms. Garro shows us how to apply in our daily lives the amazing lessons found in each parable.” Very Rev. Joseph C. Tizio, C. Ss. R.

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The Comfort of the Shepherd: Parable Prayer and Meditation

Barbara Garro returns with Volume 2 of her popular series with study guides, prayers, poems and meditations on 33 Parables of Jesus. Through thought-provoking questions, readers discover Jesus’s messages for them where they are in their lives right now. Parable after parable, readers realize that Jesus wrote every parable just for them, because he has always known each one of us by name and need.

What’s Inside?

  • Prayer and Meditation Guidelines
  • 33 of Jesus’ Parables with Specific Prayer and Prayer and Meditation Commentary
  • Poems, Prayers, Messages from Jesus and Affirmations

Excerpts From Reviewers’ Comments

  • “Through dedication and faith, we can find our ways through. ‘The Comfort of the Shepherd: Parable Prayer and Meditation’ discusses the parables of Christ and studies of the Bible, encouraging interpersonal discussion and ideas throughout it all. ‘The Comfort of the Shepherd’ is a spiritual and much recommended addition to Christian spirituality collections, not to be missed.” The Midwest Book Review
  • “ As you read, it is clear that her meditations arise from the depth of her own spiritual journey and her own process of reflection on God’s Word.”   Very Rev. Joseph C. Tizio, C.Ss.R.
  • “Quite different from other books on the parables…her new book makes refreshing reading.” - Father Joseph F. Girzone, best-selling author of Joshua and other faith-building books.
  • “The ‘Comfort of the Shepherd’ is a masterful blend of relating Scripture to Life and offering us new glimpses into venerable texts. From the spiritually hungry to those who think they know the parables, this little gem is a powerhouse of meditation.” - Rev. Daniel Francis, C.Ss.R.

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From Jesus to Heaven with Love: A Parable Pilgrimage

Barbara Garro writes for the people in the pews, because she’s been one of them for over 50 years. She makes the New Testament come alive using St. Anthony’s Style of writing for all to understand and grow spiritually. Families and Bible study groups will again enjoy her key to the words of the Master in this discussion-friendly format.

What’s Inside?

  • New Ways to Look at the Parable Teachings of Jesus, the Christ
  • 33 of Jesus’ Parables with Specific Love, Healing and Salvation Commentary
  • Poems, Messages from Jesus and Affirmations

    EPIC, the Electronically Published Internet Coalition™ ( announces From Jesus to Heaven with Love: A Parable Pilgrimage, is a finalist in the Non-Fiction Category of the 2011 EPIC eBook Awards Competition™.

Excerpts From Reviewers’ Comments

  • “In my considerable experience as both a reader and a writer, it is unique to find a work that makes us think instead of telling us WHAT to think. Garro lets Jesus do that.” Arline Chase, author of the Spirit Series.
  • “Barbara Garro has done a remarkable thought-provoking analysis of Jesus’ parables in her new book.” Father Joseph F. Girzone, best-selling and award-winning author of The Homeless Bishop and  the popular Joshua series of books.
  • “Jesus’ most characteristic and radical teachings lay in his parables. Barbara Garro has written a very helpful book that gives us a devotional journey through those parables, contemplating their truths and mysteries and their beauty.” Rev. Richard Chrisman, Ph.D.

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Grow Yourself  A Life You’ll Love

Barbara Garro suggests a new approach to life satisfaction in six easy-to-read chapters. When you understand why you are the way you are, you’re kinder to yourself. When you understand others betters, you like them more and are less critical. Think how much better your life would be if you got along better with the love of your life, your parents, children, siblings, friends, co-workers and neighbors!

What’s Inside?

  • Part One: Destroying the Weeds that Spoil Your Life
  • Part Two: Drought–Emotions that Harden Hearts Jacket
  • Part Three: Harvest–Uniting Body, Mind and Spirit

Excerpts From Reviewers’ Comments

  • “With insight and humor, Barbara Garro shares priceless gems of wisdom about life skills we all need to thrive in the midst of…life’s challenges.” Dr. Bridget Mary Meehan, author, and host and producer of God Talk.
  • “People who read this book will enjoy learning about themselves….” Father Joseph F. Girzone, best-selling and award-winning author of The Homeless Bishop and the popular Joshua series of books.
  • “The precepts and insights in ‘Grow Yourself a Life You’ll Love” will enable better, more satisfying, less confused, relationships with our spouses, children, siblings, friends, colleagues, neighbors, and fellow parishioners.” Midwest Book Review

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Love Bites, Volume 1 of the Barbara Garro Poetry Series


Barbara Garro wrote her first poem at 14 and Sister Angelita’s critique stopped her poetry until age 40 when the grief from her mother’s sudden death poured out into a poem. The poem was published in the “Maple Shade Progress,” and Garro has gone on to receive 18 poetry awards, publication in 27 poetry anthologies and her biography was included in the 2004 International Who’s Who in Poetry. In 2016, after 33 years of writing 999 poems and counting, Cambridge Books believed in Barbara Garro and the appeal of her poetry and “Love Bites” was published in November 2016.

“Love Bites” gives readers a sprint through the love life of one American woman over decades of memorable experiences.

Author, Mechie Garza, said of Barbara Garro’s poetry: “Barbara Garro sings her life in poetry.”

Author, Nancy Duci Denofio, said of “Love Bites:” “This collection is a language of its own, a voice which travels from heart to heart: “Love Bites,” a bit of flirtation, devotion, togetherness, frustration, marriage, partings, celebrations, memories and more. Barbara Garro focuses on human relationships that only love knows.”

What’s Inside?

  • 102 Soft Love & Hard Love mostly Poetic Memoir of Barbara Garro’s memorable love experiences with all the boring parts taken out! Journey through “Love Bites” and discover what works and what does not work in love relationships.
  • Biographical Poetry and Family Pictures
  • Original Art for Each Season and Other Poems

Excerpts From Reviewers’ Comments

  • “Barbara Garro certainly has a gift for the haiku poetic form where she frames her pictures in words.” Sheila P. Roberts
  • “Wonderful, strong, Garro’s poetry can shake you to your core.” Carole Gillmore
  • “I’ve followed Barbara Garro for decades and especiallylove her poetry. This book of autobiographically seasoned Seasons let me know her for the Renaissance woman she is with art, poems, photographs of her life. Mia Corton

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