The Art of Creating an Art & Poetry Book

In June of 2010, at a New York publisher’s picnic, I handed a publisher who loves poetry 500 of my poems in a leather binder I brought with that exact intention.

Bold? Brave? Brazen? Maybe a bit of all of them. Still, it worked. The publisher had never gotten such what he called “wonderful leather book of poetry” from an author.

He called with an unique idea to combine my poetry with my paintings, because he believes that all creativity within each person comes from the same source. What that means to this art and poetry book is that when I am painting and when I am writing my poetry, somewhere there is a common ground that makes them speak to one another in a way that those who read the book can see.

Six months of creating and sending a library of painting images became great fun for both of us. Me looking, him looking, me matching, him matching, and that’s how the poem-painting dance went set after set.

Now, the publisher has all he needs. The exciting next step for me is to see what he does with it when he sends me the galley.

My poetry and my paintings are like children who are born and loved forever. Unlike the poetry, my original paintings leave me as sales or gifts. Like children, some come back to me (when people die). Others go and, while I keep good records, paintings change hands and people move and I can lose track.

This exciting book project gives new life to my paintings and poetry, each being enhanced by the other, speaking in their own language to each other’s titles.

I promise to update you when you can purchase the book.

Meanwhile, of course, you can happily fill your gift-giving lists with paintings from and books:  From Jesus to Heaven with Love: A Parable Pilgrimage from; Grow Yourself a Life You’ll Love from by clicking on the button on the book section; and Seasons: Haiku & More by requesting the book and sending a $16 check to: Electric Envisions, Inc., 205 Regent Street, Saratoga Springs, New York 12866.

May you and your families, friends, pets and contacts of all stripes enjoy this holiday season and have a most happy 2011!

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  1. omg, i love these. you have a real talent. you need to sell your art so that the pulibc can oogle over your talent! great work-