From Jesus to Heaven with Love: A Parable Pilgrimage

My book From Jesus to Heaven with Love: A Parable Pilgrimage came out May 1, 2010 by and I have attached a cover sample, which contains my painting, Jesus, Lord, a watercolor.

The publisher is and the book can be ordered directly with a $6.95 price. The soft cover will be out in late fall 2010 and will be published by Cambridge Books.

This book’s research actually spans 60 years and covers 33 of Jesus’ parables in an easy-to-read format that allows for personal spiritual growth. The target audience is Christian, but it is friendly anyone curious about Jesus or Christianity. Another exciting aspect is that families can read one chapter at a time together and discuss it.

Some information about the benefits of reading Barbara Garro’s new book From Jesus to Heaven with Love: A Parable Pilgrimage:

1. Jesus’ parables provide a prescription for suffering souls.
2. Follow Garro’s exercises to fine tune your faith.
3. Garro shows you the way to make 33 soul walks to God.
4. Use From Jesus to Heaven with Love: A Parable Pilgrimage to hunker down and get serious about your salvation in the special Salvation section in each of the parables.
5. Jesus’ parables help us today; discover the parable where Jesus teaches you how to be honest with dishonest wealth.
6. In Jesus’ Special Messages within each of the 33 parables teach you new concepts; discover the message where Jesus warns you against trying to take from God His rightful choices.
7. Be able to answer Jesus’ questions to all His disciples: “Who do you say I am?”
8. Bring the wisdom of Jesus from the New Testament alive, even for those who have never read the Bible, don’t consider themselves Christian or belong to any organized religion.
9. Use From Jesus to Heaven with Love: A Parable Pilgrimage as your devotional book, family faith discussion book by reading a parable a day, week or month.

Some Endorsements

This hand-written endorsement comes from Father Joseph F. Girzone, best-selling author of the “Joshua” and other religious books: “Barbara Garro has done a remarkable, thought-provoking analysis of Jesus’ parables in her new book. It is quite different from other books on the parables and makes refreshing reading.”

Father John Weyand provides this endorsement: “Barbara is an eclectic writer who treats each subject with captivating skill. The parable stories are timeless wisdom tales inspired by God. Readers will learn and be entertained by Barbara‚Äôs powerful imagery.”

“Early on in From Jesus to Heaven with Love, Barbara Garro tells us, “You are not like anyone else,” as she prepares us to revisit thirty-three parables told by Jesus during his ministry. This is good news for readers who seek to find themselves in Jesus’ parables, for each reader can identify personally with at least one character in each of the stories he tells. In “The Prodigal Son,” am I most like the wasteful but repentant younger brother? Like the forgiving father? Or am I painfully stiff and self-righteous like the older brother, who refuses to celebrate with his father the return of the prodigal? Am I more like the Pharisee or the tax collector–or is there a bit of each of them in me? The author encourages us to take another look–or perhaps a first look–at our own faith journeys.

Barbara Garro has written a devotional guide accessible to any reader, thoughtful and well-organized, inviting study and prayerful reflection. I would encourage readers to take it a bit at a time, a parable a day, for instance. The book will be a useful text for Bible study, particularly among Roman Catholics but within reach of every thoughtful Christian, not to mention those who are eager to become thoughtful Christians.”

From Joel W. Tibbetts, PhD., Emeritus Professor of Religion, Rockford College, Adjunct Lecturer in Religion, Skidmore College

Some Commentary:
Barbara Garro allowed me to look at 33 of Jesus’ Parables in a whole new way. She helps me see how Jesus was a master storyteller with each character in each parable playing an important role, no matter how small. For example, The Prodigal Son could also be called The Forgiving Father or the Two Proud Sons.

From Jesus to Heaven with Love: A Parable Pilgrimage helped me to understand how to get Jesus’ message for me in parables that always puzzled me. For example, The Parable of the Unjust Steward.

I loved thinking through all the themed sections of Love, Healing, and Salvation that focused my understanding, asking me questions that allowed me to get messages for me in my life right now.

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