Astonish with Personalized Art Gifts

Artist/Author Barbara Garro, says: Givers amaze recipients with art gifts and personalized art guarantees all smiles and never a return.

Everybody likes gifts that speak to who they are, so personalized art works, especially for the hard-to-please who want nothing, need nothing, and mostly see gift-receiving as building their storehouse of clutter.

My commissions are always gifts. What is extra-special about giving an art gift is the joy the giver gets in choosing, going through the process if a commission, and the building excitement before the recipient actually sees the gift for the first time.

Mark Smith says, “Art elevates the human spirit in a way that nothing else does. It changes people’s lives, one experience at a time. It’s not really a product; it’s basically an emotional experience.”

Original, art is special, unique, true one-of-a-kind. No one else on the planet can say they have something exactly like it! Add personalization to your art gift and it’s like hitting two home runs in the same inning.

Stumped about how to personalize art for the people who eat up tons of your time looking for something to please that probably doesn’t exist in ready made?

1. Consider a painting that speaks to a hobby.
2. Consider a painting that commemorates a cherished possession.
3. Have an artist’s image put on a tee-shirt, sweater or blazer.
4. Have a painting made of their children and/or grandchildren.
5. Paint their antique car.
6. Paint their home or vacation home they love.
7. Have a painting made of them when they were in the prime of their lives.
8. Have a painting made of them with a favorite movie star or singing star.
9. Have a painting made of them with one of their heroes in any time period.

Here’s an example of an art gift I created for my Godmother and her husband who are close to 90. They have been married for 64 years and live in a two-bedroom apartment. On an 8” by 8” piece of slate with a rope hanger, I created a painting of a young farm girl and a farm boy with some chickens, clouds and a title across the top: Farm Girl Marries Fred. Did they like it? Couldn’t miss! Did they find a place to hang it? On her bedroom door–makes her smile whenever she go into the bedroom. Do they think of me whenever they look at it? I’d like to think they do sometimes. Will they own it until the day they die? I’d bet the farm, the farm girl and all the chickens on it!

Who wouldn’t want to give gifts that bring smiles and no returns that are memorable and make people feel good about themselves? Get on this! Call me at 1-518-587-9999. I am more than happy to help, because bringing happiness to people through art makes me keep on breathing every day.

I would love to hear from you. Barbara Garro 1-518-587-9999.

Or, send information to: Barbara Garro, President, Electric Envisions, Inc., 205 Regent Street, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866-3319.

Barbara Garro, M.A., President

Reproduction for publication is approved with permission, provided the copyright information is included along with the following attribution: “Excerpted from the E-Newsletter ‘Garro Talk’, written by Barbara Garro, MA and published by Electric Envisions, Inc. (518) 587-9999, Website:,


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